Entrepreneurial Spirit, Innovative Solutions

We are a minority and woman-owned business; a comprehensive and best-value USA based solution company that provides strategic and flexible solutions to present-day challenges.

We live in an era where there is a huge leap in technological advancement, a distinctive political divide, and the continually wider gap in economic, social and environmental differences.

Recognizing, understanding and addressing the complexity of our client’s challenges, we offer two integrated and critical solutions, Terrachrome Consulting and Terrachome Contracting. While Terrachrome Consulting provides the counsel and strategic solutions to success, Terrachrome Contracting implements through the provision of turn-key fulfillment.

Because today, successful outcomes require more than just hard work.

Terrachrome aims  to provide a one-stop solution to the US government, multinational companies, institutional investors and international entities including foreign government and international humanitarian organizations.

Kevin Noone