WHo we are

Terrachrome leadership had been forged through front line experience in an ever-changing world where the assumed certainties have become uncertain, the unthinkable has become reality and past securities no longer exist.

Terrachrome leadership together with their vast network of subject matter experts continually strive to provide a tailored solution in this uncompromising world.

Our Team


CEO of AWB-USA, a former trustee of START Network and Executive Director of International Medical Corps UK (IMC-UK) where he oversaw IMC-UK’s intervention in all leading emergencies over the past 7 years. More recently Kevin also led IMC-US’s Global Emergency Response unit.

Kevin’s entree to the humanitarian community was with GOAL Ireland in 1992, where he deployed as a volunteer to Somalia. Having left Goma, he subsequently deployed to Bosnia in 1994.

In 2004, he rejoined the private sector to provide global sourcing, turn-key construction, military base life support and services in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He returned to the humanitarian sector with IMC in 2011 as a result of the Japan tsunami.

Kevin is an ardent reader, wildlife conservation supporter, and intrepid explorer.

Executive Director

Owais Husain is a multi-disciplinary contemporary artist based in Dubai. His work explores issues around identity, cross-cultural experience, iconography, urban mythology, and how it evolves from one generation to the next.

Often using a combination of film, photography, painting, sculpture, installation and poetry in a singular piece, Owais Husain creates visually complex and immersive artworks that embody the notion that an artist is a cartographer, a storyteller charting the visual vocabulary of their time for the next generation.

As an extension of his art practice, Owais is presently engaged as the creative director and head art consultant of a US-based NFT platform- HEFTY Art (for digital art trade and distribution in the blockchain space). 

Owais is also presently creating and curating public art projects in multiple locations for the governments of UAE and India, as well as public art installations in Dubai, KSA, London, New York.

Humanitarian Program Director

Fabiano Franz is a progressive and visionary professional with 21 years of experience in leading humanitarian and development programs in tough environments. 

He is a consummate communicator who garners opportunities through his networking for creative partnerships in solving dynamic challenges in the diverse working environment. 

Fabiano is passionate about entrepreneurial solutions to the toughest global challenges and motivated to develop expertise in emerging technologies and business models. 

Recently, he is focusing on effective operational management through responsible financial technology.

Senior Aviation Consultant

Having served his country, Tom left the US Navy in 1973. During his service, Tom was made an honorary member of the US Coast Guard for his role in various underwater search and rescue operations.

Tom used his GI Bill money to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. This culminated in his commissioning the rebuilding of the Sikorsky S-38, sometimes called “The Explorer’s Yacht”, which he has flown across the Atlantic.

Tom returned to Minnesota in 1973 where he began his career in the restaurant, hospitality and real estate development which included shopping centers, theme parks, hotels and licensed casinos in Mississippi and Nevada.
Tom continues to be an active member of AWB-USA and the Living Legend of Aviation.

Senior Supply Chain Consultant

Neil is a supply chain leader with multi-region & multi-sector executive experience across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas in the international development, aid and relief, commercial logistics, international trade & engineering sectors. Coming originally from an engineering, supply chain & commercial logistics management background working in leadership roles with large multinational corporates (AP Moller Maersk Group, Agility, CGI).

With a passion for and expertise in developing countries, his objective is to drive excellence in high performing supply chain and logistics global operations through effective change management strategies & inspirational leadership with the aim of furthering outcomes for all stakeholders.

Neil is also passionate about humanitarian causes and about the potential of business in being an agent for sustainable positive change through effecting the right linkages and partnerships.

Senior Pilot & Transport Specialist

From an early age, Ralph knew that he wanted to be a pilot, his family still remind him that everything he did was centered around flying. He was able to pursue his dream once he completed his mandatory military service in 1994 when he started his career with Tyrolean Airways in Austria.
In between flying for Tyrolean Airways, Ralph joined the Red Bull team to pilot their North American B-25J Mitchell out of their base in Salzburg.

In 2007, Ralph moved to Dubai to join Emirates Airlines to fly their Boeing B777. In 2011, he moved to the left seat having passed Emirates rigorous Captain requirements. Having spent 10 blissful years living in Dubai and flying for Emirates Airlines, he swapped one sun-drenched location for another and moved to Orlando Florida to fly for VVIP International as their Lead Captain.

Ralph is certified to fly B777, Gulfstream GV/550, King Air B200, and of course North American B-25J Mitchells. To date, he has accumulated 15,000 flying hours, with many more hours ahead of him.

Ralph brings his wealth of knowledge of the Aviation sector and his unique experience from the left seat on what it takes to ensure his charges are fit for purpose.

Sr. Advisor - Risk & Compliance

Rami is a charismatic leader with extensive experience in Risk, Audit and Compliance. With over 20 years of international experience, he has held several key leadership positions with renown INGOs and has focused on improving the effectiveness & efficiency of their internal controls in more than 50 countries through Risk Management,  Audit & Compliance efforts.

Rami possesses outstanding interpersonal skills and superb diplomacy that allows for progress and achievements even in most difficult projects and tight deadlines. Rami is not your typical Risk and Compliance advisor; he is your trusted strategic business partner.

He is deeply committed to his Lebanese homeland, he continues to mentor the youth of his nation in leadership roles through his involvement as a board member of “Heart for Lebanon”.

Those who are privileged to know Rami all maintain he is a natural team leader and a problem solver.