Base Operating Support

We first learned from our experience in supporting military clients in remote locations of CENTCOM AOR, that it requires a fully functioning infrastructure to enhance the morale and welfare of its workforce.

The harsh environment stresses the need of fully operational basic utilities, fully operational dining facilities, reasonably outfitted recreational facilities, comfortably furnished living containers, access to internet services and mobile connections, security to protect workers and medical aid services,

At Terrachrome Contracting, we are committed to maintaining our high standard of servicing our clients’ needs even in the most remote sites. Our highly dedicated Base Operating team ensures the best value service that exceed customer requirements.

We are proud of our ability to perform with manifold support disciplines at any point in an operation’s life cycle by assuring immediate response, commissioned expertise and cost-effective solutions to deliver steadfast support to any objective.

What We Provide

Power Generation Support 

DFAC and Catering Services

Bespoke Containerized Housing Units

Recreational Facilities

Mobile and Internet Support