Iris Recognition Technology

Securing your digital identity is a must. Terrachrome, through the utilization of the cutting edge technology of IrisTrust, can verify an individual’s identity anywhere in the world, with 100% certainty within seconds. We provide end-to-end and real-time fault free identity verification applicable to government, humanitarian and private sectors.

Government Sector

IrisTrust’s iris technologies are perfect for front line contactless non-invasive verification and cross match of official government-issued identification with individual iris scans. IrisTrust equipped agencies can access secure, accurate and fault free identity authentication.

Humanitarian Sector

IrisTrust systems are tailormade for cash transfers, voucher programs and commodity distributions affording donors and beneficiaries’ real-time access to the relevant data. Our systems are configured to negate fraudulent activities through the provision of real-time verification of distribution. It mitigates the risks and ensures compliance to donors’ regulations.

Private Sector

IrisTrust systems allow businesses to replace traditional ID documentation, magnetic strip, chip and PIN cards with a 100% accurate secure fraud-proof digitally Unique Verifiable Identity (UVI). Likewise, IrisTrust can replace traditional contact keypad, fingerprint and unreliable facial ID processes for the banking and retail sector.